Chinese food - Eating general tso's chicken with chopsticks.

WELCOME to our website where you can view our full menu, contact details and our policies etc. We hope you will find this site easy to use and find out more about us..

Starwok is a Chinese takeaway aiming to offer exceptional quality Chinese and Oriental cuisine to collect from our shop or to be delivered straight to your door.

We are situated in the new development of Grange Farm and we are able to deliver to most of the Milton Keynes areas.

The following key points about our operating policies and ethics we at Starwok adopt ensure we are a brand that you can trust:

No added monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any dishes that we supply.
We achieve full flavour not by cutting corners (i.e. adding MSG) but we use various fresh herbs and seasoning and meat prepared daily into our cooking to deliver satisfying full-flavour meals.*

We will only use fresh and good quality ingredients and not use Artificial Colouring in our foods.
Nowadays, many people live a very busy and hectic life but your food don’t have to be rushed, leave it to us!

We are a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rated establishment.
We take food seriously.

Open Kitchen so you can see the way we work.


We also try and do our best to recycle many of our waste, where we can, and we encourage our customers to do just the same by re-using or recycling the plastic containers and bags used for their meal.


*Although at Starwok, we do not add MSG or artificial food colouring to any of our dishes, very few of the ingredients we are supplied with may contain very small quantities, which is beyond our control. However, we continuously search for MSG-free alternatives.

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